Ion Game Design


Ion Game Design is a Swedish board game developer, publisher and board game consultant agency. In our web shop we sell our own games and also sell some games and game design accessories that we find great!

The games
that Ion Game Design develops are focused on analog games and boardgames.

The ambition of Ion Game Design is to create and spread great board games. We believe in the potential of boardgames as a social and a creative tool. Games, especially boardgames, is a very expansive field in the media world today, but skilled game designers rarely provide their services outside of game companies. At Ion Game Design, we know many fruitful and effective ways to apply game design to new areas. We aim to meet every project's needs following industry best practice. We just love using game design as a tool of creativity, communication, promotion, gamification, implementation, education and agility through scrum.

The Name of the company, Ion, is inspired from the nature of ions. They are atoms that seek interaction, solution, completion and fulfillment. We at Ion Game Design approach challenges, design processes, and a project's different needs in a similar fashion.