Ion Game Design  is a game developer/publisher and a game design consultant agency.

The games that Ion Game Design develop and publish are boardgames or other forms of analogue games.

The definition of what a game is for us is:
“A challenge; designed and playfully accepted.”
(Jon Manker)

The idea behind Ion Game Design as a game developer is to apart from in-house production also offer knowledge and experience of game design to any business where game design may be of great value. It could be as a direct activity or as a catalyst in other activities. Games are a very expansive field in the media world today, boardgames in particular, but the ones skilled at designing games rarely provide their services outside of game companies. At Ion Game Design, we believe there are many fruitful and effective ways, to apply game design to new areas.

The Name of the company, Ion, is inspired from the nature of ions. They are atoms that seek interaction, solution, completion and fulfillment. In the same way, Ions services are excellent at interacting with challenges and at improving the design solutions and the design processes we encounter, in order to fulfill a projects needs and complete it.

Presentation slides for Ion Game Design.

Presentation deck for Ion Game Design.