The Ion team at Essen SPIEL 2017

Ion Game Design was at SPIEL 2017 in Essen and had the fun task to arrange play test sessions 🙂 We had a steady stream of people interested in playing Expedition Zetta. Some of them were backers. It was really nice to meet some of our backers who came to our booth, to try out Expedition Zetta or just to say hello.

Expedition Zetta funded

Expedition Zetta’s kickstarter campagin got 132% funding thanks to our wonderful backers, much more than we could have hoped for when launching the kickstarter.

Unlocked content

Through the campaign there was several additional components that got funded and will be added to the game i.e.; 6 more quick Zetta planetary systems upgraded game components 5 more alternative planets a new ship card with unique 3d figurine 22 additional cards through pledge levels, such as five new countries and their included flag markers (17 per country)

See the campagin page: here

Review for HIRÞ

We would like to share a review we got for our Vikiing game – HIRÞ

“”The depth of strategy available to you in such a straight forward design is incredibly well done…they got it right so well that I can’t think about anything I want to change about the game. There is always something you want to change when you play games, but not with HIRÞ”.

“”The presentation of this game is outstanding! I have no problem believing this is a real Viking game, hats off to them!””

See the whole review on Fireside-37 podcast here

Expedition Zetta

Tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon, Swedish time, our next game “Expedition Zetta” will launch on kickstarter! Don’t miss it! Spread the word! And if you want the game, it would mean a lot if you back it on Kickstarter as early as possible in the campaign. Early backers are as vitamin injections to Kickstarter campaigns.

Here’s a link to the project page if you want to check it out:  #expeditionzetta