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Neanderthal and Greenland by Sierra Madre Games

January 25, 2018

In beginning of January Sierra Madre Games long awaited new redesigned editions of Neanderthal and Greenland by Phil Eklund was launched on Kickstarter and was funded within 27 minutes. Ion Game Design is runing this Kickstarter campagin for Sierra Madre Games. To back the campaign see the link:

Neanderthal and Greenland

The Ion team at Essen SPIEL 2017

October 29th, 2017

Ion Game Design was at SPIEL 2017 in Essen and had the fun task to arrange play test sessions :) We had a steady stream of people interested in playing Expedition Zetta. Some of them were backers. It was really nice to meet some of our backers who came to our booth, to try out Expedition Zetta or just to say hello. Here are some photos from our booth:

Expedition Zetta funded

October 13, 2017

Expedition Zetta's kickstarter campagin got 132% funding thanks to our wonderful backers, much more than we could have hoped for when launching the kickstarter.

Unlocked content

Through the campaign there was several additional components that got funded and will be added to the game i.e.; 6 more quick Zetta planetary systems upgraded game components 5 more alternative planets a new ship card with unique 3d figurine 22 additional cards through pledge levels, such as five new countries and their included flag markers (17 per country)

See the campagin page: here

Review for HIRÞ

August 8, 2017

We would like to share a review we got for our Vikiing game - HIRÞ

""The depth of strategy available to you in such a straight forward design is incredibly well done...they got it right so well that I can't think about anything I want to change about the game. There is always something you want to change when you play games, but not with HIRÞ".

""The presentation of this game is outstanding! I have no problem believing this is a real Viking game, hats off to them!""

See the whole review on Fireside-37 podcast here

Expedition Zetta on Kickstarter

June 27th, 2017

Expedition Zetta Expedition Zetta

The Kickstarter for Expedition Zetta is live on Kickstarter. Check it out and check out the updates we are posting :)

Here's a link to the project page if you want to check it out:… #expeditionzetta

World first HIRÞ tournament

June 15th, 2017

Today the world's fist tournament for our Vikiing Game HIRÞ was arranged here in Stockholm, Sweden :)

Expedition Zetta

June 13th, 2017

Expedition Zetta

Tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon, Swedish time, our next game "Expedition Zetta" will launch on kickstarter! Don't miss it! Spread the word! And if you want the game, it would mean a lot if you back it on Kickstarter as early as possible in the campaign. Early backers are as vitamin injections to Kickstarter campaigns.

Here's a link to the project page if you want to check it out:… #expeditionzetta

Youtube and reviewers

January 26, 2017

Ion Game Design has now started publishing videos with strategies for our game HIRÞ - the royal game of viking conflict. Make sure to watch this different strateies, a new video is published every second week.

Our game HIRÞ has also been mentioned on different blogs. See what the Gamingclub Het Geel Pionneke. wrote :) And watch our lead game designer Jon Manker in the following video by Cliquenabend!

Hird pieces

Essen Spiel 2016

October 17, 2016

Ion Game design attend this years Essen Spiel October 13-16. During the fair we had the opportunity to meet a lot of great game lovers that got the chance to try out and buy our Viking game HIRÞ. We shared the booth with Sierra Madre Games.

We also had set up meetings with distributers to hopefully get our games to retailers close to you. During these meetings we also took the chance to discuss new ideas to further spread board games to new markets and to give more people an easy way start playing board games.

You can also see Board Game girls video coverage from Essen Spiel 2016, including a interview of Besime Uyanik, Ion Game Designs CEO: Our part starts at 13:35 :) Essen

WARP – Wielding the Universe

October 8, 2016

We’re pleased to introduce "WARP – Wielding the Universe", a universe exploration game for two to four players. The game is based on real data of stars in a way that the whole universe may be randomized in a single dice throw. WARP may be played in a simplified or a full experience version.

The players take part in a journey using the first version ever of a warp drive. The goal is to travel star systems in distant galaxies and bring home discoveries in the form of knowledge, life, substances and Zero-G product items. The more each player bring home, and the more variety there are in what they bring home, the more fame they receive. The player with the most fame turns out to be the winner. This prototype-grade warp drive is effective but naturally hard to steer. This makes the persons travelling with it part explorers and part test pilots on a brave journey into the unknown.The travelers jump between galaxies together in a convoy, connected to a mothershipthat houses the warp drive.

Travelers spend about nine months on each star system, in three turns. They all travel individually and compete to make discoveries that can earn them the much needed fame. At the end of period spent at each star system, they spend a turn of about three months warp-travelling and interacting with the other members of the crew.

If you are a player in the crew, then it times to win an edge over others. You couldtry convincing them to lend you their equipment, convince them that their discoveries really were yours, try to affect the motherships warp computer or maybe entice other crew members to have them live on your ship during the next system.

During the warp, the warp driver tries to jump back to earth. If it succeed, the game ends and the scores are finalized. In other case you end up in another star system, where you collect discoveries again. Play time ~60-180 minutes.

On your marks, get playing!


Our HIRÞ game is an award winner

January 15, 2016

Our game HIRÞ just been nominated for the “Most Anticipated Abstract Boardgame of 2016” at BGG.

The game is doing really well as it has also bagged the 7th most anticipated abstract boardgame in the world, 2016! It has also received two great reviews by Another Dungeon and Beards and Boardgames.

HIRÞ is a two-player abstract strategy game were two leaders (Viking Kings) fight in an archipelago. The first to push the other player's king off the board wins.

The game has been produced in wood and cloth, with deluxe versions made of leather and iron. The design idea was to make a game that the Vikings could have played during their travels. According to playtesters, this is a huge success as almost 100% of them believe that this was actually a replica of a real Viking game.

The second ambition was to make a game with as few spaces as possible (number of squares) that would be interesting to play. Although it has only 11 squares, the combination of three different abilities of the pieces and the mechanic of using moves to build stronger units makes the gameplay challenging. Play time: 20-60 minutes.

On your marks, get playing!


Planet X

June 18,2015

Get Planet X on: Android (Free) Android (No ads) iOS (Free)

Planet X is a retro style 2D, side scrolling platform game where you get to place your own platforms on the fly as you play. Published on June 18 2015 on Google Play and soon also on App Store. 40 levels, all in three play modes, increasingly challenging, awaits you as you explore deeper and deeper into the planet. Try to beat the levels, to beat them as fast as you can or use as few platforms as possible.And challenge your friends to beat you on the high score lists.

In future, try and control a lone space traveler, who is lost on a small planet in our solar system, far away from the sun, beyond Pluto. Even though some people debate whether this is a planet or not, that’s not your worry at the moment, you need to find a way to get home since your spaceship has broken down.

On Planet X, you have found some ancient alien artifact teleport gates that lead to different places on the planet. Their purpose and structure is lost in eternity, but somewhere on Planet X, there is a big portal leading to the space station TERRA 42, that is orbiting earth. This is what you were sent here to find, since a strange connection to some portal have been detected on TERRA 42. All the help you have for your search is your platform generator, your space suit and your feet.

On your marks, get playing!