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    Classic 8 Bit Video Game Console

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    This is a replica of the classic Famicom console, the first version of what later came to be known as NES 8-bit (and it works with NES cartridges).
    Famicom was the first version of NES 8-bit, the incredibly successful video game console ov 1980s. Famicom was released in Japan in 1983. Wen it arrived to the US in 1985 and Europe in 1986 it had been remodeled with a different exterior, but the interior was more or less the same.

    Here you can play the old cartridges again in the original style, on a Famicom, that never even reached Europe or the US. 
    Or you can gift it to someone to make them remember their youth.
    Ot gift it to the youth of today to introduce them to the classic 8-bit feel

    8 Bit Video TV Classic Game Console
    2 Game Player Controllers
    Nes FC Games Card   (Randomly send as gift.)
    AC/DC Input: 110-220V
    System: PAL
    Audio/Video Cable for TV
    Power Plug + country adapter