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    Expedition Zetta - Charting the universe. Buy the game through Kickstarter starting AUGUST 17 2017.

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    Can you achieve fame for your country as part of the first international team to brave the unknown of space? Sign up for Expedition Zetta and make your own history in the stars!

    Expedition Zetta is a game about the Universe. Using a warp drive you travel together to distant galaxies in the search for life and other discoveries.  Expedition Zetta is a game that brings depth to the experience for a game enthusiast, a joyful time to an inexperienced player, and a believable internal game universe to all players, based on real scientific facts.

    Expedition Zetta has many clever intertwined mechanics and offers a network of possible strategies.It includes many well crafted components that resonate with both the retro-futuristic theme of warp travel in 1962 and the gameplay possibilities. It offers interesting multi player interactions as well as ambitious solo play variants. Expedition Zetta is based on real scientific facts matched only by a few other space games, and a back story that bring a consistency and inner logic to the experience.
    Expedition Zetta is a game for 1-5 players. It takes 1-3 hours to play and is suitable for ages 10 and above.