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Bios:Origins 2nd edition


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Represent an intelligent species developing technologies, economics, politics, and consciousness in Bios:Origins Second Edition. 

Game designer:  Phil Eklund, Jon Manker

Artist: Karim Chakroun, Johanna Petterson

Complexity: 4.10

How to play?

One to four players represent the human subspecies extant at that time: Sapiens, Neanderthal, Denisovans, & Hobbits. Take them on an adventure to enlarge your brain, acquire language, discover new worlds, domesticate strange beasts (such as riding war kangaroos or mammoths), discover the wonders and terrors of religion, dive for pearls, challenge the gods, enslave rival hominins, and perhaps enter the Enlightenment. Although wars of conquest and religion are possible, most of the fighting will be internal. You have only limited control of over your ruling class, and if your priests are in control and do a poor job, they will get killed and usurped by merchants or warlords.

Win by specializing as a cultural, political, or industrial civilization. This means, unlike most civilization games, that a cult figure on a mountaintop in New Zealand can win over an Emperor that has swept the globe with his armies.


  • Map board
  • Punchout sheets
  • Cards
  • Brain placards
  • Species placards
  • Elder pawns
  • Migrant figures
  • City cuboids
  • Cubes
  • Player aid


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