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Sammu-ramat is set in the Near East 800 BC,  the players represent Queen Sammu-ramat.  She ruled one of the world’s earliest empires at a time of political uncertainty. The wonder of a woman leading warriors in battle, going out on the hunt, and undertaking extraordinary building projects normally considered the province of kings, sparked the legends about Sammu-ramat.

Vision: The designer Besime Uyanik's vision is to spread the knowledge of Sammu-ramat, nuance the image of the Assyrian Empire and highlight a strong female leader. Sammu-ramat continues Ion Game Design’s strong line of history-focused thematic games, giving life to the story with game mechanics and illustrations

Game designer: Besime Uyanik

Artist: Madeleine Fjäll

Complexity: 2.50

How to play?

you will be one of the advisors surrounding the Assyrian royal court. Each Advisor has their own abilities and strengths. Players spend actions to play action cards and move from region to region along the paths printed on the board, trying to balance the needs of the regions (Military, Supplies, Health, and Religion). In a battle with the enemy units are removed 1:1, i.e. combat is deterministic.

On each Empire card, there is a Scenario, with one or more win conditions. The specific setup of the Scenario is on the back of the Empire card. Multiple victory scenarios increase the game's replayability.


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