"High Frontier 4 All" development process

During the last couple of months the development team together with the design team has worked hard to get all components in High Frontier 4 All ready. This is a complex space exploration game so both teams have had a great challange to get this fourth edition ready for mass production.

The following components are now done and are in the process of spotchecking:

  • the final versions of all cards in core game and both modules (Terawatt and Colonization)
  • the final version of the map board showing the solar system.
  • the almost final version of the playmat, the board held by each player. Only small art modifications left but this will not affect suitability for spot check.

The manufacturer Longpack has now completed the 3d-plastic components. Here are some photos:

Half of the 3D-figures you can receive are seen in this image. In the Core game you will get 10 plastic rockets, (the ones to the left) (2 of each in 5 player colors). For rocket stack location and net thrust. If you also bought Module 2 - Colonists you will also receive 10 Stanford Bernal Figures (middle) and 10 Kalpana Bernal Figures (left) (2 of each in 5 player colors for both). These Figures represent 2 types of orbital space colony designs (Stanford & Kalpana), used to house the families of your employed Colonists.
A Closer look at the Stanford bernals.
A Closer look at the Kalpana bernals.
A closer look at the rockets.
All rockets and bernals in all five player colors. Included in the Core game (rockets) and Module 2: Colonization (bernals).

Longpack have also started the mass production of all plastic disks and wooden components. Remaining is completing the layout of all the rulebooks, the player aid, the playmats for the modules and the boxes for core game and modules. These will be shown in our next update.

We are also waiting for the license partners to complete the translation. They recently received the cards so it will take some time.

But overall we are still hopeful to keep the estimated shipping to customers in June 2020.

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