New History-themed board games launch under World Book™  and Ion Game Design

New History-themed board games launch under World Book™ and Ion Game Design

Chicago, IL (March 17, 2022)— World Book, Inc., (, a leading publisher of nonfiction children's book series, core reference, and digital learning platforms, announced today a licensing partnership with Ion Game Design to develop and market a line of board games under the World Book brand. This partnership was brokered by JRL Group, World Book’s exclusive brand licensing agency.

The history-themed board games will include:

● Vendel to Viking—a game of strategy set in the Vendel era, the period that led to and served as a foundation for Nordic culture. This standalone game is a prequel to ION's previous release, Pax Viking. Players compete as families that want to develop into leading clans. Explore northern Europe, establish trading routes and other ventures in the important regions of that era, and try to link formidable people to your family. Each turn in the game represents a generation, and the goal is to gain placement on the Achievement Tree.

● Pax Viking Junior—a variant of the successful game Pax Viking, but made for a younger audience. Pax Viking is a game about the lesser-known eastward journeys Vikings undertook. It focuses more on trading, networking, and empire-building than the traditional image of Vikings as raiders. You play as a powerful jarl who aims to become the first king or queen of a unified Sweden. You explore the vast reaches of Viking influence, from China to North America, and form alliances and gather followers to achieve your goal.

For more than 100 years, World Book has stood for trust, intelligence, credibility, and expansive knowledge covering almost every subject imaginable. This board games series, powered by World Book’s extensive library of content, will cover such subjects as world history, natural science, and the solar system.

“We are delighted to partner with such an iconic educational brand as World Book,” said Besime Uyanik, CEO, Ion Game Design. “By tapping into their vast library, Ion Game Design will have endless opportunities to create informative, inspiring, and challenging new board games.”

This partnership, among others, is the beginning of a wide array of World Book-branded educational products to be sold online and in stores. “This exciting new licensing program is creating new opportunities to extend our brand name," stated Jean Lin, VP Sales & Marketing, World Book. "We look forward to our partnership with Ion Game Design and to delivering educational products that inspire curious minds everywhere.”

Available for pre-order starting March 18, 2022, and sold in stores in the Fall of 2022 globally.

About World Book

As a leader in education publishing for over 100 years, World Book’s mission continues to focus on developing a collaborative digital learning platform that is backed by editorial excellence, invaluable resources, and effective tools that support personalized teaching and learning—serving over 100 million students across 65+ countries. For more information, visit

About Ion Game Design

Ion Game Design ( is a Swedish board game developer, publisher, board game consultant agency. ION develops board games covering a broad range of subjects in history (such as prehistory, recorded history, natural history, and the history not yet written) and in natural science (such as astronomy, biology, and earth science).

About JRL Group

Founded in 1999, JRL Group ( connects a broad range of brands with consumers through innovative strategic partnerships. A full-service agency specializing in both outbound and inbound licensing programs, JRL Group successfully extends brands globally by handling strategic planning, contract negotiations, product development, royalty management, and overall program management. JRL Group is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois.

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