New shipping estimations

New shipping estimations

After a year of production delays we now have received updates from our manufacturer. The new estimated shipping dates based on production completed is the following;

Beginning of 3rd quarter 2022;

  • Bios:Mesofauna
  • Bios:Mesofauna neoprene mat
  • Galenus
  • Galenus coin
  • Dawn on Titan
  • Dawn on Titan Alien expansion
  • Pax Viking promo card 1
  • Annual Errata card pack 2021
  • Stationfall
  • Stationfall neoprene mat
  • Stationfall Character Dossier
  • Stationfall 3D-mini Characters
  • High Frontier 4 All, module 1, module 2 (reprint)
  • High Frontier spectral factories

End of 3rd quarter 2022;

  • Sammu-ramat
  • Derrocar
  • StegegetS

Beginning of 4rd quarter 2022;

  • Interstellar
  • High Frontier 4 All, module 4
  • Smarter than a Monkey


Thank you for being such great customers and thank you for your patience. You are the reason we are here and we will get through this together!

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