Pax Illuminaten clue 9 and solo mode

Pax Illuminaten clue 9 and solo mode

Playing with bots

For us it is important that as many of our games as possible have also a solo mode. The designers put time in creating solo games that reflect the core game as much as possible and that creates a real challenge for the player. 

In a game of Pax Illuminaten a Bot can be added to a 1-3 player game, providing a non-player opponent. There are 4 different Bots that all have a varied complexity and difficulty ratings, this could be considered when choosing which Bot to play against. 

You can playtest the solo mode on TTS, see link to rulebook


 Clue nr 9 and you have soon enough letters/numbers to encode the message.

Pax Illuminaten solo bots including hidden clue
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