Shipping update

Due to several delays in shipping of Bios-trilogy, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana we will have daily updates until the majority of backer and pre-orders have received their games. We are sorry for all the delays and doing our best to get the games to you as soon as possible.

VFI (China) received the games first from our manufacturers and they have started to ship out most of the games. They are now almost done with the shipping. We use VFI for shipping of games to all countries outside Europe and North America.

Aimplify (Europe) has now received the games to their storage after recently being released by German customs. Aimplify has started to send out email to backers for address confirmation and will start shipping out the  games the coming week.

Funagain (US) has also received all games and started preparing shipment. They sent us an invoice for the pre-payment on November 7; we immediately ordered the funds from our accounts. The funds are in process of being transferred to Funagain. As soon as it arrives they will start sending out the games. The reason VFI and Aimplify has already started to ship is because they sent their invoices earlier and has got their payments already. This is the first Kickstarter shipping we do with Funagain, last years shipping was made by Floship, so the processes between us still need to be set.

Tomorrow there will be a new update, so until tomorrow ..

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