Welcome to the Friends of Ion

Welcome to the Friends of Ion

Welcome to the Friends of Ion!

This is a gathering where we present our ideas for new games at a very early stage in the design process. We open up for a discussion of whether it is even an idea worth pursuing, and also feedback and thoughts from you - our insightful, qualified and intelligent friends! We welcome diversity and differences, to help us not get stuck in our old ways and find minefields to be avoided.

(In other words, both n00bs and nerds - heed our call!)

Please make your voice heard, we are curious to hear from you! Negative feedback can help us grow, and positive such can help us know we seem to be on the right path. Plus make us stand a bit taller. 

Practically we will have both digital gatherings in a private Discord channel and on Tabletop Simulator, and also physical get togethers at the Ion office, where we will share whatever content we have at the time. Or we can come to you, or meet up at a lovely cafe with cakes and coffee. Sometimes it will be more of a showcase, sometimes it will be a playtest, sometimes just a discussion! We will also invite you to our social calendar where all sorts of fun stuff will be available. If you have ideas of what should be on there - let us know! If it is at all board game related, we are usually easily persuaded.

We will need you to sign an NDA agreement to make sure that our idea doesn’t leak out into the world before we are ready. Wanna join in and help create more awesome Ion board games? Wanna find like minded people to play lots and lots of board games with? Greatness! Talk soon!

Please fill out this form to become a lifelong member of the very exclusive Friends of Ion!

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