X-mas Calendar day 9

Meet Hanna!

Our Content Creator Hanna is very fond of this whole xmas business. Like REALLY fond. Think The Elf on cocaine while riding a glitter unicorn down a rainbow while Mariah is wailing her little holiday heart out. You know, THAT kind of craz.. hrm, fondness. She puts up her tree already on December 1st. That poor tree is so bedazzled with ornaments and lights and glitter that it might just implode into a black hole.

Her lists of christmas music are about 75 hours long and goes on repeat until spring. You want the links? Of course you do, here you go, two of them at least: The Long One and The Perfect One

Ions founder Jon Manker has this to say about her:

I find Hanna's playful attitude to life and social gathering very inspirational. Such as this time, when she brought a fun and ambitious song quiz game she invented herself to Christmas celebrations. Note the clever mistletoe contraption she's wearing btw :) Can you guess the song? 

Tomorrow - new surprise behind door number 10! See you then!


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