About us

Ion Game Design (ION)

"Boardgames inspired by our wonderful world."

We are a Swedish board game developer, publisher, & board game consultant agency. We believe in the potential of board games as social, educational and creative tools. 

ION's vision is to design board games that both cover a broad range of subjects in history and natural science, and inspire a changed future. We want to be involved in creating real change, in an indirect and entertaining way


In our boardgames we value a link to reality/science/history, not only as a backdrop but also as a basis for game mechanic design. In our games we strive to achieve unscripted narrative experiences generated by the content and the players’ minds and interaction.

In line with our vision to spread the wonderful world of board gaming experience to as many as possible, we also have a segment about collaborations, ION Venture. We will from time to time work with potential projects alongside our main labels through consultancy in (board) game design and development of games.