About us

Ion Game Design (ION)

is a Swedish board game developer, publisher, & board game consultant agency. We believe in the potential of board games as an artform, a shared experience to bring people together, an educational tool, and a creative outlet. 

ION develops board games covering a broad range of subjects in history (such as prehistory, recorded history, natural history and the history not yet written) and in natural science (such as astronomy, biology and earth science).

In addition, in line with our vision to spread the wonderful world of board gaming experience to as many as possible, we also have a segment about collaboration.


ION:VENTURE - We will from time to time work with potential projects alongside our main labels through consultancy in (board) game design, development of games outside our three main focus areas, partnerships with other board game developers and developers of digital games and game related activities such as fairs, conventions, competitions, demonstrations to promote it’s games and generally expand the hobby, or business ideas that do not necessarily include game design but that do include games.