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Dinosaur Dynasties Book (Retail)

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Hundred million years ago reptiles ruled the earth and the most famous animals from that time are undoubtedly the dinosaurs, but they shared the planet with others at least as interesting and imaginative creatures both in the air and in the water. So by combining the two books into one you will also be able to read about  the pterosaurs that sailed the air and various kinds of aquatic reptiles, such as the dolphin-like ichthyosaurs, large-jawed mosasaurs, and long-necked plesiosaurs that could be found in the sea, lakes and rivers.  Some of these aquatic reptiles became enormous and cannot be described as anything but living sea monsters. 




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The book Dinosaur Dynasties is an easy-to-read non-fiction book for dinosaur lovers.

Dinosaur Dynasties will combine the best of two worlds, bringing together the acclaimed Swedish books Alla tiders dinosaurier with Flygödlor and Havsmonster to offer readers a truly immersive journey through prehistory.

 The book presents around 50 dinosaurs and the imaginative illustrations are complemented by exciting facts, based on the latest research findings.