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Stegegets Moomin Board Game

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How to play

How to play? 

In StegegetS Moomin the map has a number of locations with characters. Each location has a certain dice combination written next to it. You roll the dice and may move to a location if your combination matches. You draw directly on the map with the included color pencils. Don’t forget to doodle on the map while waiting on other players, this is encouraged. Color in the surroundings and details and make the map your own unique masterpiece! Included in the game is a pad with a number of sheets. From the start there are 8 characters available to choose from but each tile you play you can unlock a new one, all the way until all 40 are unlocked. Suitable for friends and families, this board game is open and visible to everyone while playing, allowing for an interactive and interpersonal experience.



  • Rule booklet (including rules in 4 different languages)
  • Moominvalley map pad (in total 50 map pages) 
  • Dice
  • Colored pencils


Join the Moomin family and many of their friends in a beautiful roll & write board game for the whole family! Here you will find many characters from the Moomin Valley. As a player, you are one of them and you travel around Moomin Valley to visit as many of them to collect gifts given to you by them (jam, marmalade and such). Moomin is a globally famous and loved story world. The plot in these stories often include excursions and trips in their valley. This idea was used as inspiration for the story behind the mechanics in StegegetS-Moomin.

This beautiful game centres around a map of the Moomin Valley, in its lovely valley, as depicted in the stories from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Do not miss this interactive family experience!

Game designer: Jon Manker

Production artist: Felicia Hjärpe & Madeleine Fjäll