Newsletter release August

Newsletter release August

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A quick overview from our August newsletter follows here;

Bios: Mesofauna, Galenus, and Dawn on Titan are all finally on a boat! 

In last month’s, we discussed how manufacturing for several of our crowdfunded games from the past couple years was finally nearing completion. Now we have word that Bios: Mesofauna, Galenus, and Dawn on Titan are all on their respective ships to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany where fulfillment to our backers can begin.

Lessons in History

August is a hot month in most of the northern hemisphere. A perfect time to set sail on new adventures and seek a cool breeze on the waves of discovery, much like the Vikings once did.

Jon Manker, designer of Pax Viking, Expedition Zetta, HIRÞ, and the upcoming Vendal to Viking, sat down with Fred Serval of Homo Ludens for an interview last month to talk about his design and research approach as well as depiction of Vikings in board games. 


More good tidings about Pax Viking from There Will Be Games

In one of the many reviews of Pax Viking, There Will Be Games says, “Designer Jon Manker has achieved a remarkable mix of clarity and variance here, where mechanisms both enable and obstruct in a graceful balance, in formation of a sturdy hull atop which has been draped some wonderfully rendered art, satisfyingly tactile components and a realm of possibilities as wide as the ocean itself.” Read their full review here.

If you like what you see, we hope you will order your own copy of Pax Viking in our webstore for delivery of the next printing in Q1 of 2023. Then you can experience the magic of Viking history for yourself.




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