Shipping update nr 6 + card count Bios:Origins

On Friday November 22nd I wrote a blog post with a section saying;

"Since there will not be much news in the shipping situation during the weekend, there will not be any new update until Monday.  If you during the weekend have specific questions then do send us an email at "

However, unfortunately I forgot to make it viable on our website. I am really sorry for the mistake that was just a human error, which of course should not have happened. I promised updates until backers and pre-order customers have received their games.

Anyway, back to todays update.

Shipping nr 6

Customers in Europe have now started to confirm that they have received their games. Aimplify has only some few orders left to complete, they are just waiting for me to check and confirm the orders with question marks.

Funagain has now confirmed that that the payment has arrived to their account and they have started to ship out all games. They had already packed all 630 orders in advance and could start the shipping immediately. Some backers have confirmed to us that they have received USP tracking information.

Card count Bios:Origins

After some emails from customers that has started to receive their games, it has come to our attention that there is a mistake in number of Idea cards in the printed rule book. I have confirmed with Phil Eklund and there should be 119 Idea cards and not 120 cards.

See living rules for Bios:Origins 2 ed.


Until tomorrow ...

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