Vendel to Viking development process

Vendel to Viking development process

It has been a while since our latest updated about the production process for Vendel to Viking.

Both external and internal playtest has continued. The transition rules between Pax Viking and Vendel to Viking has also had several playtest and iterations and works really well now. We have also focused on playtesting the promo packs both for Vendel to Viking and Pax Viking.  The promo cards are added to Tabletop Simulator so you can also try these cards:


We have also worked a lot on the rulebook to get it comprehensive. See link to the latest version of the rulebook for Vendel to Viking. 

Going forward we will continue to playtest for balance and final touches. The rulebook will go through proof reading and also sent to World Book for review. 

The aim is still to start sending the files to the manufacturer by the beginning of the summer to start the massproduction process. The process includes several samples sent to us for spot checking and several meetings with manufacturer. 


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