X-mas Calendar day 3

Meet Styrbjörn!

He has a grand longship he is mighty proud of, and if he were to say so himself (he would) he is really rockin his man-bun hairdo. He and his buddies are unbeknownst to themselves actually not real. But who cares when you have so much fun on your grand adventures! If you want to join in right nownownow, jump in on a digital play session on for instance Tabletopia, and if you like a more tactile experience of a game - you can get a copy for yourself here.

How might that go, you wonder? Well, I'm glad you asked! Here are some pictures from a playtest we did at the office this summer. (Summer! Ugh. It's all hot and bright and flowers everywhere. No twinkly X-mas lights, no hot beverages, no cozy sweaters, no snowy nights in front of a fire playing Pax Viking best out of three come on just one moooore.)


Is the thing behind tomorrows door real? It sometimes becomes a philosophical question, I mean, are any of us really sure? Join in on our X-mas countdown tomorrow and (maybe) find out. 

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