The company's management is very committed to sustainable development. We know we manufacture products which have an environmental impact and that is why we try to choose the most environmentally friendly options in our production through an active dialogue with the manufacturers and requesting them to have various environmental certificates. We also try to choose environmentally friendly options when shipping as far as possible. For example, we have on certain occasions shipped via train to Europe from China.

Another factor linked to sustainable development is our ambition to have a high so-called “replayability” in our games. It's a design choice concerning the gaming experience, but it's also an ambition that works to give the games a longer lifespan as a product and thus, by extension, make them more sustainable from an environmental perspective.

Social dimension

At ION we also have a social sustainability perspective where we work to provide opportunities for new arrivals, recent graduates and the long-term unemployed to work with us. We have with great success offered internships to a variety of interns from several organizations, schools and universities from eight different countries.