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Fluffy Frontier Board Game

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How to play

How to play

Your challenge: keep the great secret secret, which is to not let the humans realize that the Petsonauts are actually in charge of it all. While this charade is going on you’re trying to reach your own secret mission of finding alien supplies to smuggle back to the ship, trading your finds with fellow animals, competing to reach your goals before anyone else in the fluffy crew, and not getting caught by those pesky hoomans, of course.

In Fluffy Frontier you play as one of the space agencies, namely those that land on Halley's Comet during its next close encounter with Earth, in 2061. You have collaboratively travelled to the comet in a spaceship that is now parked in close orbit above it. You carefully plan your turns and perform certain experiments from this station, somewhat in advance so the humans don’t understand that you are doing it.

Each player’s space agency competes with the other space agencies over the discoveries found on the comet in a race to complete the most experiments. You need to fly down to the surface, collect samples, bring them back up and make experiments. And you need to act fast! The comet heats up as it comes closer to the sun and increasingly releases gas into space until it gets impossible to operate on the surface. You have 5 weeks, make the best of it.

But there is more…

Your true mission is to retrieve certain Alien Supplies that your fellow aliens have sent to you using the interstellar transport system that comets actually are. These are hidden in the comet ice and you need them to finalise the experiments you do.



  • Spaceship board
  • Site cards
  • Experiment cards
  • Discovery chits
  • Resource tokens
  • Alien supply
  • First player marker
  • Lander
  • Player placards
  • Action markers

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Space. It's much cuter than we thought.

A family game exploring space with cute, fluffy animals.

Introducing the board game you didn't know you couldn't live without! Now, why is that? Well, that is a great question that we'll be pleased to answer!

The game includes:
  • Fluffy animals!
  • Space!
  • Fun!
  • Cuteness overload!
What are you, a fluffy and incredibly cute Petsonaut, doing in the depths of space? Set off on a mission to Halley's Comet, where you'll have to search for signs of life and collect samples for testing; you have to complete the task without letting the humans discover your remarkable intelligence.

In true ION spirit, the game mechanics are inspired by the scientific world and contain data from actual experiments conducted in space. In addition, the furry characters embody real animals that have journeyed into space. On the cover of the box, you can see Félicette, launched on October 18, 1963, as part of the French space program!

Game designer: Björn Ekeberg

Artist: Anne Isaksson

Complexity: 2.3/5