Footnotes and non rule text in our game

Continued concerns with personal statements, footnotes, and other none rule text have brought forward our work on new practices related to how we handle certain aspects of our games. We honor our contractual obligations regarding our game designers work,  details regarding this is specified in separate statement about our development process. We'll continue to listen to our community and adjust and adopt new policies as necessary. Thank you for taking the time to work with us on this. 

At Ion Game Design, we condemn discrimination of any kind, be that based upon age, culture, gender identity, gender expression, social status, sexual orientation, religion, race, educational level, disability, mental health, ethnicity or physical appearance.

We have previously reprinted and published games with text and footnotes that may conflict with our development process. Starting in 2021 we will begin to address the rules in the following ways:

Fact notes will only be included if peer-reviewed by experts in the relevant fields, including sensitivity readers. After publication, the rules will be living rules, managed by the game's game designer. If there are any errors or misstatements of any kind, anyone can comment in the living rules and the game designer will review it for inclusion into living rules.

We also would like to ask everyone for patience and understanding that these processes take time. 

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