Season's Greetings and Late pledge for High Frontier 4 All

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!
Kindest regards,
Besime Uyanik, Jon Manker, Phil Eklund, Pål Keller Carlquist & the rest of the ION:SMG team

Late pledge High Frontier 4 All

If you know someone who missed the opportunity to pledge for High Frontier 4 All during the kickstarter, let them know that they can do so through the pledge manager. There you also find the large version of the map as an add on. The pledge manager will be open until mid-February. We have now also added Neanderthal/Greenland Errata cards in the pledge manger. 

If you want to save on shipping you can add any of our other games in the pledge manager. NOTE: if you add other games this way then it will be shipped together with your copy of High Frontier (not earlier). If you want earlier shipping of our other games place an order directly in our web shop.
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