X-mas Calendar day 11

Meet Pål!

His fondness for coffee is like the universe, never ending and yet - expanding. His love doesn't discriminate, a microwaved cup of old cold coffee can be just as tasty as a fresh cup, it's like the bad-ness of it is yummy in it's own way. He's usually found with a coffee cup in hand, rocking the "foppatoffel" (the plastic sandals) at the office, deep in thought over some production detail. So much so, he forgets he doesn't have a chair and just improvises one out of thin air. 

This Christmas Pål is hoping for some quiet family time with lots of good food and maybe a lovely hoppy ale to go along. And board games. Lots of board games. For the coming 2022 he is hoping for Hammarby to dominate the Swedish football league, and of course, also for health and prosperity for his loved ones. In that order. 

Hugs from all of us here at Ion Game Design, and join us for the rest of the countdown to Xmas. See you tomorrow!

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