X-mas Calendar day 7

Meet our Instagram!

Are you following your favourite boardgame company? No? Well, git yer butt over there, lots of silly and plentiful content to be found. And our friends are probably your friends too, just that you might not have met yet. And until we can all sit down at a table in real life together, let's hang out with the like minded peeps on the internet! And for all that is holy, please tag us when you're playing our games, we wanna know everything! Did you win/dominate, how did you like the game, who in the family has the worst victory dance known to man, do your furbabies join the games and eat all the meeples and everyone ended up arguing over what could be used instead and how in the world would you even suggest a pancake who did I even marry? The wonderful world of playing board games! 

Join us tomorrow for the next chapter in our advent calendar, who might be behind the next door?

Takaisin blogiin