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Bios: Mesofauna / Bios: Megafauna neoprene board

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A DOUBLE SIDED neoprene mat, 2 mm thick with Sewn edges and hi-res print on both sides.

Side 1: For 4 different versions; for Bios:Mesofauna, all three rulesets (Cocoon, Caterpillar and Butterfly) and  for the combined game of Bios:Mesofauna+Bios:Megafauna.

Side 2: For Bios:Megafauna, both versions (Tooth&Claw and Achterbahn)
The mat also works for the solo versions of both Bios:Mesofauna and Bios:Megafauna.

Size: 1370 x 620mm = 0.85 m2, thickness 2 mm

(Note: Almost final version. Please be aware that changes in shipping dates may occur due to this crazy world we live in. We promise to do all we can to make this wonderful game available as fast as we possibly can!)