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High Frontier 4 [Module 4] – Exodus Add-on

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How to play

What's new

  • Contracts (Module 0). Enhance the early to mid-game, granting early Aqua and mission goals. 

  • New Colonist Queue & Augmentations

  • An Isobank, founded by one player and holding the game’s repository of isotope fusion fuel, becomes the center of starship construction.
  • New Solitaire Political Diagram (Module 0) to integrate contracts with the CEO and Altruism solitaire variants.

You will never again play without Module 4! Make this your first module purchase for game-changing new "contracts," then add the full Module 4 rules with our other HF4A Modules for a truly epic adventure! High Frontier Module 4 makes the deepest game available on space travel even deeper, and sets the arena for real deep exploration, aiming for the stars!


What's in the box

Drawer Box.

Rules Booklet.

Starship Stack Placard/Alternative Solitaire Political Diagram

Player Aids.

Contract Cards

Timepiece Chits (1 for each of 6 player colors).

Default Chit

Isobank/Starship Token. 6 Exodus Contract Cards

Spaceborn Colonist Cards

Robot Colonist Cards

Isotope Monetization / Isobank Stack Cards

Child Chits (1 for each of 6 player colors).

Augmentation Chits (6 for each shape)

Exodus Medal Chits

Module 4 Exodus plays with multiplayer and solitaire scenarios and only needs the Core High Frontier 4 game to play, but can be combined with any Module.