Summer 2022 shipping estimates

Summer 2022 shipping estimates

Summer 2022 and we have finally some good news from our manufacturers. The latest update from our manufacturers in China is that Galenus, Galenus Coin addon, Bios:Mesofauna, Bios:Mesofauna/Megafauna neoprene mat, Dawn on Titan, Dawn on Titan Alien expansion, Annual Errata cards and Pax Viking promo pack 1 will be done on July 13th. If this holds they will start their journey to our warehouses a couple of days after this. A journey that includes Chinese trucks, 40-feet containers, giant cargo ships and German/US customs officers, among other things... This Journey is scheduled to take 2-3 months and then the warehouses can start sending the games to you!

Stationfall, Stationfall 3D minis, Stationfall Character Dossier and Stationfall Neoprene mat are estimated to be done at the factory on August 15th. High Frontier 4 All (re-print) and the language versions is also estimated do be done sometime in August. For all other pre-order see the product pages for updated shipping estimated. Note, changes in dates still may occur

We are slowly geting passed the bottleneck that the pandemic caused in manufacturing. 

I want to personally thank all customers for your patience and support. We could never have continued creating and sharing the fantastic world of board games without all of you standing by our side during this manufacturing and shipping crisis.


/Besime Uyanik

CEO, Ion Game Design

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