X-mas Calendar Day 13

Meet HP!

HP Kuusela is the designer behind Galenus. As you can see he (the one with the beard) and his family are a very serious bunch, who take life way, way too seriously. It's all Excel sheets and ironed shirts and whole grained food. 

He has this to say about the Christmas season:

My favourite holiday food is a slowly overnight whole cooked (7kg with bone) ham, it fills the house with a succulent aroma that's great to wake up to. We have a special tradition of having a chocolate Santa for everyone on the four december Advent Sunday breakfasts.

Check out more about his game Galenus here

We hope you have all the chocolate Santas, great big hams, silly glasses and whatever else makes your Xmas boat float. Happy holidays and happy Lucia Day from all of us here at Ion Game Design!

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