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Dino Dynasty - From Armor to Tail-Clubs [Module] (Retail)

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Thursdays between 14-17

Allhelgonagatan 5, 118 58 Stockholm
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From Armor to Tail-club introduces four formidable new Dynasties to the Dino Dynasty universe: Pachycephalosauria, Abelisauridae, Ankylosauria, and Ornithomimosauria. Each Dynasty brings its own unique flavor to the game, with three new dinosaur per dynasty waiting to be discovered and mastered. All dinosaurs of course illustrated by the talented Johan Egerkrans. 

Expand Your Arsenal: Introducing Morph Abilities

But that's not all—the expansion also introduces new Morph abilities inspired by the Dinosaurs. These powerful traits and behaviors will allow you to customize your dinosaurs even further, adding a whole new layer of strategy and depth to your gameplay experience.