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Pax Renaissance Age of Reformation Promo Cards (RETAIL)

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How to play

All cards are intended to be used with the 1550 Map Variant (see C1c). Use Reformist Theocracies for the starting England and HRE states, and the 2 new mapcards for the starting Hungary and Ottoman medieval states. Trebizond starts busted instead of the Red Sea. Replace the original Empire cards for Ottoman and Hungary with the new promo Empire cards, and only use the new Empire card for Papal States if the Papal States turns into a Reformation or Muslim Theocracy. The new Victory Square should be used in addition to the original ones, for a total of five Victory Squares.The new Banker overlay cards should be placed on top of an existing Banker placard (any Banker placard may be replaced). The new market cards should be mixed in with their respective deck.


Promo pack for Pax Renaissance 2nd ed. includes 

3 new Empire cards

9 new Market cards (5 west and 4 east)

1 new Victory Squares

2 new Map cards

2 new Banker overlay cards (Alvaro Mendes & Cornelius Berenberg)



Age of Reformation Promo Cards for the board game Pax Renaissance

Suppose the Fourth Crusade’s Sack of Constantinople never happened, allowing the Second Rome of the Byzantines to suppress the sudden rise of the Ottoman Turks. They may find support from the Russians, with whom they share the Orthodox Religion, and maybe the Austrians and the French after the Catholic-Protestant split. After all, they had already survived the Fall of Rome, the Persians, the Arabs, the Bulgarians, the Seijuk Turks, the Rus, the Vikings, and the Crusaders. They may even survive to the present day as a Greek state with traces of Roman influence.