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Vikings are Kool

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PRE-ORDER SHIPPING IN Q4, 2022. (Changes in dates may occur.)

Exclusive "Vikings Are Kool" bundle includes:

  • Pax Viking
  • Pax Viking coins
  • Vendel to Viking
  • Vendel to Viking coins Pre order price

Bundle price 140 USD (MSRP 194 USD) and only available until May 20th!

ION's founder and lead game designer Jon Manker, who himself is of Viking heritage, has designed the strategic, historical games Vendel to Viking and Pax Viking that we are now offering in this very necessary bundle. You can of course play them separately, but most likely you are going to want to play these two as a campaign.

Starting with Vendel to Viking that immerses players in the 250 year Vendel period of Nordic culture (550 to 800 CE) prior to the Viking era, where the end state of the game can then interface with the starting state of a game of Pax Viking. There you play as the Vikings that traveled eastwards. These adventurers and explorers primarily came from Sweden and were for most parts merchants and skillful opportunists when it came to the use of both shining silver and sharpened steel. To really get the gravitas of all that is at stake in these games, we’ve also included the heavy and wonderfully tactile metal coins for both Vendel to Viking and Pax Viking.

Now. Ask yourself. Are you ready for this challenge?