Corrected cards Neanderthal available on website

It came to our attention through comments from you backers about two posts on BGG published by Philip Hannay and John. D. that some of our cards and placards had errors on them. This are now fixed and as first step available for download,


See links to Philip Hannay and John. D. lists on Board Game Geek: Neanderthal and Greenland. The error comes from the original file (and not misprints in the form of color, cutting or other printer errors) which means that all our replacements parts have the same errors too. Karim Chakroun has now corrected the 8 cards and as a first step they are now available for download on   

As a second step we are going to have these corrected cards printed at our manufacturer. and then make them available for customer though our fulfilment center Aimplify. 

See Phil Eklund's comments about the cards with errors:

This is Phil Eklund of Sierra Madre Games.
There has been a bunch of chatter about mistakes in the cards for Neanderthal and Greenland.
For the game Neanderthal there are 7 cards where the wrong game phase was listed. This is minor information that did not appear at all on earlier versions of the game, and I consider this a minor error, not affecting game play.
But there is also a mistake in card 33 (string-winding), where an important icon was left off. This is the only significant card error.
Images of all 8 corrected cards are available on the website.  Besime tells me we are looking into having replacement cards reprinted for Neanderthal, at least for card 33, but do not have estimates yet. 
There are no other significant errors other than misspellings in the cards, placards, etc. of either Neanderthal or Greenland. 
There was some question about the special ability for Nelii, the Tunit daughter in Greenland.  The iconography for her ability, as shown in the upper right corner of the card, is unchanged from the previous edition.
To clarify this ability, I have added a bullet to the E3 (Promotion to Elder) in the Greenland Living Rules as follows:
• Nelii Special Ability.  As indicated by the icons on her card, the Tunit daughter Nelii allows you to promote Hunters to Elders without paying any energy cost.
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