Dawn on Titan, Galenus & Bios:Mesofauna impacted by the pandemic

We were  hoping at this point to have received and approved the digital samples for Dawn on Titan, Galenus and Bios:Mesofauna. However, we have experienced the same bottleneck delays as many other publishers due to the impacts of the pandemic continuing to affect us all.  Besime is in contact with manufacturer daily trying to get the process moving, but other companies are doing the same. So right now, the production is at a standstill and we do not know when we will receive the digital samples. In addition to all delays, the prices of raw materials have increased substantially, which is affecting our production prices. This will of course not affect you.

We feel very confident though that this is just a temporary standstill and there is no doubt that the manufacturer will be able to deliver the games. We cannot thank you all enough for your continued understanding! You have all been incredibly kind and supportive of all of our efforts to work through all of these unforeseeable impacts. We will, of course, continue to keep you updated.

To read more about the global impacts of the pandemic on board game publishers, check out this article from Dicebreaker.
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