Jessica Cassady joins the Ion Game Design team, and more news on upcoming games!

Introducing our Upcoming Games & International Marketing Director, Jessica Cassady, joins the Ion Game Design team!

Stockholm, Sweden - October 9th, 2020. Ion Game Design is excited to announce a new addition to our team as well as a number of new games being added to our line-up in 2020 and 2021.

Welcome our International Marketing Director.

Jessica Cassady has joined Ion Game Design as International Marketing Director. She will be responsible for promoting new releases in the ION, ION:LIGHT and ION:SMG product lines along with the current catalog of Ion Game Design’s published games. Besime Uyanik, CEO of Ion Game Design, welcomes Jessica to the team, “We are very happy to have Jessica Cassady as part of our staff. Her expertise, experience and great personality will contribute greatly to Ion Game Design.”

Jessica brings a wide range of board game business acumen and experience to the team. She has provided marketing services to Artana Games, Greenbrier Games, and Mighty Boards. In addition, she has provided consulting services in game development, rules editing, customer experience management, as well as booth management for numerous conventions. Jessica shares, “I have always enjoyed the historical genre of the board game hobby and the strategy of decisions within that content. I enjoy playing board games for the experiences they offer with family and friends. Playing games from Ion Game Design and Sierra Madre Games has provided many of those incredible experiences and I am thrilled to be a part of the team delivering these great games and so many more to come!”  

With that in mind, Ion Game Design would like to introduce the upcoming line of gaming experiences in the works.

Future Games coming from Ion Game Design.

In a dual campaign coming to Kickstarter in October of 2020, Ion Game Design introduces Bios: Mesofauna and Galenus.


Bios: Mesofauna is an alternate version of Bios: Megafauna 2nd Edition that branches into the insect world with a new stand alone game that has a simplified ruleset. Mesofauna continues the acclaimed traditions of Megafauna with the use of market mutations and tectonic plates where players will tackle harsh conditions and catastrophes as an insect. Bios: Megafauna and Mesofauna integrate with each other making it possible to play with a combination of player roles from each game.

Galenus focuses on the time of Galen, a doctor celebrated above all others. His work and writings are from the second century CE, when medicine in Imperial Rome was an art of excellence and advances, comprised of showmanship and bitter rivalries between practitioners. Galen’s writings would be the epitome of medicine for more than one thousand years to come. Players act as doctors starting out by studying, treating patients, accumulating reputation, and competing against each other in showy demonstrations. The winning player is the one who proves to be the best doctor by collecting the most favor in the eyes of Galen over five rounds. 

First quarter of 2021 brings another dual Kickstarter campaign, this time in the ION:LIGHT line.

Smarter than a Monkey is a quiz game for the whole family where the question goes to the one who bets the highest! The questions are revealed in parts, starting with the alternative answers and ending with the actual question, after bidding has ended! Your currency is bananas and the more you bid the more you will gain, if your answer is better than a monkey’s. With 4 possible answers offered for each question, a monkey would get 2 questions right on average. Will you answer 3 out of 4 right and be Smarter than a Monkey? All who answer correctly, share the bananas bet by the players, based on how daring you were during bidding and how many correct alternatives you get. Of course, the player with the most bananas in the end wins! The first expansion, Smarter than a Monkey - The Solar System, offers additional questions focused on space. 

Dawn on Titan is a lightweight 4x game that encourages players to discover the secrets of Saturn and its moons. Build ships to explore, build and upgrade factories on the moons to exploit, spread to more moons to expand, and exterminate your rivals in the process. Dawn on Titan is a quick but deep strategy game about gaining control over Saturn’s potential as an industrial site.

New offerings from the ION:SMG line will come to Kickstarter in the second quarter of 2021 with Stationfall and High Frontier 4 All - Module 4: AI.

Stationfall Once upon a time on a doomed space station full of illegal corporate experiments on a collision course with Earth’s atmosphere, a crew of random human and robot characters, each with their own abilities and gear, must continue working toward their own individual goals while deciding when to reveal their true identity. Each character’s victory conditions are publicly known; however, the true character identity of each player remains a secret until a player decides to reveal their identity and gain their special ability as well as full control over their character. Until revealed, players will influence other characters to do their bidding. Will you accomplish your character’s victory condition before the station is incinerated? Does your crew have a potential alien on board whose victory conditions are not public knowledge? Excel in completing your character’s victory condition to win Stationfall.

High Frontier 4All Module 4 AI Module 4 AI offers integration of as much High Frontier content as possible in Solitaire mode while also offering one or more AI opponents to those playing High Frontier multiplayer. AI places claims, factories, colonies and Bernals on the map as it races for Glories and even Futures. AI is truly affected by Politics as well as many of the Colonist abilities which are unused in the core rule’s Solitaire variants. The AI's progress is influenced by many factors like labs, spectral types, heliocentric zones, hazards, push factories, and economic viability while both player and AI may perform hijacks. Moreover, AI scores victory points for all types of sources available in High Frontier. A journey such as High Frontier begins with a single step. Now you can take those steps alone or expand your game group for even more action with Module 4 AI.

Connect with Ion Game Design.

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