HF4 All 6th Player downloadable replacement kit

In the 6th player expansion for High Frontier the outpost markers and fuel strip markers for player grey are missing. Also, Space Diamond comes with five Spacecraft cards and if you want to play that with six players you should have a Spacecraft for the 6th player as well. We are sorry for these mistakes. There is a downloadable replacement kit, that you can print and use for playing. But these tokens will also be included in the 2021 errata kit as a mini punch out and extra card.

Besides the outposts having the number 1 or 2 on them the markers do not contain any unique information. If you can't or do not want to download and print the replacements, or get the errata kit, the game can still easily be played with the 6th player using some other components as replacements.

What you need is:
- 2 outpost markers for player grey, preferably labeled 1 and 2. Chits with value 1 and 2 from Space Diamonds for example.
- 2 player grey Dry markers (any of player grey's components can be used, or any small grey marker)
- A Wet marker for the three fuel types. There is one spare water and dirt WET marker in the Core punchout that can be used. Any player yellow component can be used for isotope fuel.
- For the Space Diamond card there are no exact matches for mass/thrust/fuel on any other cards, but as there is very little info on this card the best is probably just to note the values in any pice of similarly sized paper.

Happy hextuple solar system venturing!!!!!!!