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High Frontier 4 All - Module 4: Exodus 

Foster scientific breakthroughs as you ready humanity's exodus from Sol. 

You will never again play without Module 4! Make this your first module purchase for game changing new "contracts," then add the full Module 4 rules with our other HF4A Modules for a truly epic adventure! 

Carry a trillionaire to Mercury, tourists to Saturn, a science payload to Io, and drugs to Vesta. Such competitive contracts can finance your early game. Successful completion provides enterprise partnerships and augmentation chits which grant new cyborg capabilities to your colonists - including a new queue of spaceborn colonists. Augmented colonists and a new isotope currency form the basis for constructing the interstellar Starship “Exodus”. Build the isobank to control the collection point for the isotope needed to fuel its journey.

Module 4: Exodus plays with multiplayer and solitaire scenarios and only needs the Core High Frontier 4 game to play, but can be combined with any Module.  Designed by Phil Eklund, Geoff Speare, Paweł Garycki, & Justin Grey.

Module 4 includes*:

    1. Drawer Box.
    2. Rules Booklet.
    3. Starship Stack Placard/Alternative Solitaire Political Diagram
    4. Player Aids (4).
    5. Contract Cards (36) which form the 3 contract decks.
    6. Timepiece Chits (6) 1 for each of 6 player colors.
    7. Default Chit
    8. Isobank/Starship Token. Place this at the base of a Bernal when the isobank is established.
    9. Exodus Contract Cards (6)
    10. Spaceborn Colonist Cards (10)
    11. Robot Colonist Cards (6)
    12. Isotope Monetization / Isobank Stack Cards (6)
    13. Child Chits (6) 1 for each of 6 player colors.
    14. Augmentation Chits (36) 6 for each shape.
    15. Exodus Medal Chits (12) TW Thruster, Promoted Bernal, Promoted Freighter, Commander, and 8 passengers.

*Components & art are not final. 



Contract Cards, New Colonists Cards, & Other Components


Module 4 videos coming soon!

Here is what experienced gamers are saying about Module 4:

"Contracts are a great addition to the game...a must play for our group!"

- avatar8481




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Read Module 4 Living Rules
NOTE: Living rules are not the final, checked and approved version of the rules that will be printed.

Play Module 4 on TTS
NOTE: The TTS components are not the final, checked and approved versions that will be in the game.



Propel through the violence of space on a mission for humanity’s existential future. 

Taking place after the events of High Frontier 4 All comes Interstellar, the latest stand-alone game in the BIOS series! 

Departed in haste, the Starship Exodus is a generation ark on an intersteller voyage lasting over a century. During the search for a new home planet, the human cyborgs and their robotic avatars develop technology for sanity, anti-cancer, survival, terraforming, and colonization. As it flies through galactic dust, the ship erodes and requires periodic reconfiguration. The ship’s bow acts as a serendipitous high-energy particle collider, and the exotic “nuggets” formed there give hints to the true nature of reality. Will you discover new life or new civilizations, or seed all the Goldilocks between Sol and Tau Ceti with human couples? 

Interstellar is a cooperative competitive game for 2-6 players, or an intense solo puzzle game for 1.  Designed by Phil Eklund & Justin Grey.


*Art is not final.


Control 12 cyborgs, each with unique abilities and within 6 different ideologies. Start with only 2 awake crew, then choose to wake up others in hibernation. Assign these workers to cells that perform work.

Assign to task cells like starship maintenance and valuable Earth data, or perform research to gain Workcell cards in a central market. 

Install cyborgs and workcells into mass limiting slots on your playmat to track your ideologies progress and medallions worth victory points. Players can assign workers to workcell cards on any playmat to execute their orders… or fail and gain augmentations that will help you succeed on later attempts. 

Develop the starship to flip its blueprints to their more efficient side and perform calculations such as  dry/wet mass, fuel consumption, and speed. 

Dozens of stars to explore, but that does not mean it’s going to be easy! Habitability may take some terraforming with dropstones of water ice or even dangerous domesticated gray-goo that could first eat the ship's workcells or blueprints. Is the atmospheric pressure too high to survive? Maybe you get luck with living underground as a troglodyte.


Mutiny (or marry!) the commander to gain influence in ship regulations. Change worker assignments, force crew to fight gray-goo, or steal clues to the nature of reality.  


Are you bold enough to attempt a risky braking maneuver to slow the ship into its final destination? Is it even habitable? Did you even make it that far?! Cooperatively manage and negotiate your way to a successful landing but competitively (and selfishly) make sure your ideology wins.


Interstellar includes*:

    1. Gameboard including map, Exodus speed track, Exodus fuel track, Exodus Blueprint, Political Hexagon, Plasma Risk Table, & sequence of play.
    2. Cards (51)
    3. Punchouts (sheets for 117 chits and 23 placards). 11 Starship Blueprints, 12 Cyborg placards, 5 Goo chits, 40 Goldilocks chits, 15 medallion chits, 1 speed chit, 2 mass chits, 1 alert chit, 1 HAL/child multiverse chit, 6 male/female chits, 6 Orphan chits, and 6 control chits.
    4. Playmats (6). One of each Ideological color.
    5. Jars Placard (1). Each Ideology has a Jar where its Meathead can Hibernate.
    6. Starship Token. The Starship Exodus, a fusion-powered rocket.
    7. Large Cyborg Dice (12). Two d6 dice of each Ideological color for Cyborgs. 16mm.
    8. Small Avatar/Battery Dice (13). Two d6 dice of each Ideological color plus 4 black (for spare dice plus battery charge). 10mm.
    9. Command Star Tokens (2). Gold. One placed on the Cyborg and the other on the Political Hexagon to show who is in command.
    10. Matrimonial Rings (6). Placed on the Political Hexagon to show who is married to whom. 
    11. Black Disks (36) representing Stress and Busted disks. See glossary.
    12. Radio Domes (6). Representing radio signals to/from Sol, 1 per Ideological color. 
    13. Dustbug Creeples (2). These bug-shaped Tokens are space vehicles. Color blue.
    14. Nuggets (4)
    15. Augmentations (30). Wood, black. 6 of each of 5 shapes.
    16. Turn Pawn (1). Placed on the map sequence of play to indicate the current Phase.

*Components are not final. 


Interstellar videos coming soon!

Here is what experienced gamers are saying about Interstellar:

"Our game ended in total catastrophe. Everyone is dead, the embryos are dead, the ship has been reduced to just a bunch of bots out of juice inside the metal husk that used to be the engine, we were stranded outside of Alpha Centauri, and Earth didn't even get any cool inventions out of it. 0 pts for everyone, we all lost. It was a fantastic gameplay experience! Tense, brutal, almost sadistic, and I enjoyed every minute. Thank you, Mr. Eklund and Mr. Grey, may I have another!" 

- Matthew Rozanski


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    Read Interstellar Living Rules
    NOTE: Living rules are not the final, checked and approved version of the rules that will be printed.

    Play Interstellar on TTS
    NOTE: The TTS components are not the final, checked and approved versions that will be in the game.

     Interstellar Neoprene Mat

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    72 cards for tracking Futures and other things (for Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4) + Jump Start Rulebook with 48 patent cards, duplicates from the core game, printed in 8 Rocket stacks that also include extensive Card and Map Quick Guides  = 14 USD (MSRP = 19 USD)
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