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Crusader Kings Board Game

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How to play

How to play?

The goal of this game is to spread your influence over medieval Europe and lead your Dynasty to triumph over its rivals. To do that, you will need to groom your family over the generations, build and develop your dominion, be shrewd in the realms of diplomacy and intrigue, and use your vassals wisely to grow your wealth and military power, while at the same time fulfilling your holy duty to partake in the crusades to the Holy Land. The winner of this game is the player who receives the most points at the end of the game.



  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • Bags
  • Plastic pieces
  • Cards
  • Trait tokens
  • Dynasty shields
  • Gold tokens

In this boardgame you are a Crusader King, striving for wealth and power across the continent. Across generations, reshape the history of medieval Europe in your own image – if only that dimwitted son of yours, set to inherit the throne, doesn't spoil your grand plans...

Game designer: Tomas Härenstam, Nils Karlén, Jon Manker, Martin Takaichi

Artist: Ola Larsson, Johanna Petterson

Complexity: 3.35