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Annual errata card pack 2021

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(changes in dates may occur.)

The annual errata card pack includes:

Bios: Origins

cards nr: BO.053, BO.070, BO.082, BO.046, BO.203, BO.078, BO.049, BO.194, BO.069


cards nr: 18. Calvin cycle 

High Frontier 4 All 6h player add on

mini punch out and card: 

2 outpost markers for player grey, 2 player grey, Dry markers Wet marker for the three fuel types, Spacecraft card for the 6th player

Pax Viking

tile nr: PV010, PV038

1. NOTE, the errata cards for Bios series is included in Bios:Mesofauna.
2. NOTE, if you have Bios:Megafauna and Bios:Genesis the second print run 2020 Longpack batchnr: 251052 then you should have received errata cards with your order. If you have not received these errata cards then you can write an email to