High Frontier 4 All: Module 4 – Exodus

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As Factions settle the Solar System and adopt a commodity economy based upon isotope rocket fuel, humanity itself changes and augments itself to adapt to the space environment of low gravity and high radiation. The science of cybernetics allows human-machine hybrids to flourish. Terawatt technology makes it possible to build a starship and augmented humanity makes it possible to expand to the stars. Module 4 Exodus plays with multiplayer and solitaire scenarios and only needs the Core High Frontier 4 game to play, but can be combined with any Module. It extends High Frontier in the following ways:

  • Contracts (Module 0). Enhance the early to mid-game, granting early Aqua and mission goals. Contracts  create a radical new dynamic for all games: solo, 4-cycle, and extended. In 6- and 7-cycle games, enterprises become a path to augmentations, as humanity alters itself and its machines to better colonize the solar system and reach the stars.

  • New Colonist Queue & Augmentations (Modules 1 & 2) represent Humans whose bodies have atrophied to the point that they are largely mechanical. Augmentation chits are played on the Colonists to upgrade them. 

  • An Isobank, founded by one player and holding the game’s repository of isotope fusion fuel, becomes the center of starship construction. With Module 3, the isobank can be raided and potentially robbed! If a starshot occurs, either in the spirit of expansion or to escape from bondage, a combination game into Interstellar is possible. Special Exodus contracts are also available to complete vital preparation for the interstellar journey.
  • New Solitaire Political Diagram (Module 0) to integrate contracts with the CEO and Altruism solitaire variants.

You will never again play without Module 4! Make this your first module purchase for game changing new "contracts," then add the full Module 4 rules with our other HF4A Modules for a truly epic adventure! High Frontier Module 4 makes the deepest game available on space travel even deeper, and sets the arena for real deep exploration, aiming for the stars!

Designer: Phil Eklund, Paweł Garycki, Justin Grey, Geoff Speare

Playing time: 30-240 min

Age: 14+

(Please be aware that changes in shipping dates may occur due to this crazy world we live in. We promise to do all we can to make this wonderful game available as fast as we possibly can!)

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