Shipping update nr 2

Shipping of Bios-trilogy, Pax Transhumanity and Pax Porfiriana has started, but since not all games have been sent out yet we are continuing with our daily updates.

Some people outside Europe and North America has now confirmed that they have received their games sent by VFI (China). The shipping has been completed by VFI and soon all customers should have their games. However note, that for backers and pre-order customers from South America it might take a bit longer until they have the games on their table :)

Aimplify (Europe) is continuing to send out emails to backers for address confirmation. Aimplify will now also start shipping out the games for customers that have confirmed their address and orders.

The games at Funagain (US) is right now unfortunately in stand still since we are waiting on money which is in transit. Just as a Kickstarter backer commented transfer of money should only take about 2 to 4 business days. However, added to that there are a few business days to move funds between accounts, to get them in to the correct account from where they can be wired. And sometimes time Zones and international transfer adds a day in the beginning and/or end. The shipping will start as soon as possible. Until then we will continue keeping you updated every day.

So until tomorrow ..

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