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Diversity is a strength

At ION we believe that diversity is a strength and that inequality should be counteracted. We aim to contribute to a more non-discriminatory world through our games. And we stand by those who fight the good fight; for all to have a place among their fellow human beings on this earth; for all to have the same rights as everyone else. We believe the LGBTQIA+ movement is important to us all, to create the freedom for all to be who they are. Inclusiveness, respect, kindness - these are things we value highly. We hope to make games that represent a variety of the full beautiful rainbow that is humanity. Read more in our [] value statement.

Because of language rules dictated by RAE, MasQueOca has, following these rules, made changes concerning pronouns in the Character Dossier in Stationfall's Spanish version. Their ambition when doing so has been to include the “spirit” of the pronouns in the Characters texts. After discussions with us at ION we concluded that that added gender symbols in the Character dossier would have been good to include. Unfortunately the print run has just been completed, so this can not be added in this printing, but it will be in future printings of the Spanish version. In addition they have created a downloadable digital version of the Character Dossier that includes the gender symbols. 

What we at ION learnt from this is that we need to be clearer in our communication with language partners and have creative discussions with them if changes are to be made in the texts/content. We have also initiated our own research into how different pronouns and genders are written in various languages, following respective language rules, so that we can provide this specific information to our language partners when needed. 

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