X-mas Calendar Day 12

Sunday Funday! 

As promised, little treats on Sundays! *tails wagging, eyes glittering* This lovely day, halfway to Christmas, we present you with a discount on the popular Pax Viking! Who would enjoy this as a present? Might that someone be you? Send this page as a veeeery subtle hint to someone who might need it. #NoMoreDangSocksForChristmas

Just add the discount code 


in the checkout, and you get 15% off! And hurry, because it's only valid until next Sunday December 19th. And also hurry, because we've sold so much of this lovely game to you lovely people already, that the fulfillment centers called us and were a bit worried about their stock running out! Not to worry, we're doing a reprint (with the needed typos and small fixes that you have made us aware of included, thanks for looking out, peeps!) as we speak! We want longship travel for *opera voice drama* EVERYOOOOONE! 

The designer Jon Manker: "If you are in Stockholm, come by our office and say hi, and I will of course happily sign your copy for you!"

What is Pax Viking? Check out this video:


 Join in tomorrow as we march towards Xmas together! 

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