X-mas Calendar day 8

Meet Astro Chimp!

Did you ever have one of those days? I kinda feel Astro Chimp has only had those. But dang it, if he ain’t finding a silver lining on that burning space station! His favourite Xmas tradition is hunting down kool shiny things, like that pistol he found lying around in the canteen the other day. It could make a very nice present to someone. That someone could be himself. In an emergency they do say to put your own oxygen mask on before attending to anyone else, so that might apply here too? Other than that he likes to hang out with his buddies, for instance The Telepathic Rat.

But somehow they always end up playing what the rat wants to do, which is a bit… strange come to think of it. But every time he tries to have a chat about it he just seems to forget. His other friend The Botanist is a really nice dude, even though his relationship with his plant is a bit, well, intense.

Chimps absolute best friend might be The Daredevil, she’s always up for a bit of dangerous fun trouble! They rile each other up and there is no end to the possibilities of wonderful chaos to get into! 

Who do you think you would you be friends with on Stationfall

A big warm hug to everyone who gets to call you their friend! Send them light and love on this lovely day, and join us tomorrow as we journey further towards Xmas! 

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