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Swedish Parliament 2022 [Boardgame]

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How to play

Every player chooses one of the six parties and play policies/opinions and move the party markers on a hexagonal voter map with 91 voters. For every card, the player gets to strengthen the relation between two parties who agreed, or weaken the relation between two parties who disagreed.

At the end of the game, the weakest relations are removed, until there is a government which has at least half the voters. The centre of gravity of that government is the winner of the game.

The game is 100% symmetrical, with inspiration from Sweden, although there are also special rules inspired by reality for those who want to play the Swedish election of September 2022.




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Manufacturer: Mondainai

Swedish Parliament 2022 boardgame infographic

MSRP $49

Play as one of the parties in the Swedish parliamentary elections 2022 in this fun boardgame. Play political cards to capture voters, play opinion cards to sway public opinion in your favor, and make sure to create strong alliances with the other parties to end the game as the central party in Sweden's new government!

Designer: Harald Enoksson

(The images are from the prototype. With updated policy and opinion cards.)