ION Masterclass & PPP

Do you have a great idea for a board game, but lack the know-how to make a top-notch quality, sellable product of it? Bring your game ideas to life with our Masterclass and Publishing service!

ION Game Design’s team of experts will all be at your disposal. At ION we have during the 30 games we made, continuously iterated on our production into the 33 steps we practice today. Join our course Masterclass in Boardgame Creation, to learn how to go from idea to print ready files, = the first 20 steps. Join our service Private Publishing PRO (PPP) with those files to make use of our network, contacts and experience to take the game through manufacturing, freight forwarding, storage and fulfillment. Choose a level of service that match your ambition, = den last 13 steps. Of course you can jump directly to PPP if you already have a game more or less done, design wise.

We are proud of the expertise we’ve built, and in line with ION’s vision to spread board gaming culture we want to offer that benefit without restraint!


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Masterclass in Board game creation

This is a Masterclass featuring our founder/creative director Jon Manker, our CEO Besime Uyanik, our Production Manager Pål Keller Carlquist and several other experts from our team. The course curriculum is designed to follow the 20 first of our our 33 step process through 5 workshop meetings. We will share all the templates and practices we use. Each of the 5 workshops is linked to one of the 5 outputs we use ourselves in that process. This is the most fun part of a game development process!  You will be tasked with things to progress on in your design in between meetings. 

While we tailor the content somewhat to our participants, an overarching schedule can be viewed below: 



Private Publishing Pro (PPP)

After the Masterclass or if you already have a ready game, PPP is your final step in making your game the fabulous product it deserves to be. Using our international network, we help you find the most suitable solution for your game and ambition. We will also share the game with our customer base and spread knowledge about it to our B2B network to help sales. The game will be published under your own brand and you will retain full ownership. The printing costs are covered by you and depend on how many copies you want. We will actively help you in making that decision.

Depending on your budget and individual needs we have created 5 different levels, shown in the chart below. The coins in each field show how much focus each subject will have on each level of service. You can join PPP at any time, just send an email to to book a first meeting. 

ION PPP table September 2023

RoI Example:

(Very rough Estimate) for the Pro level: PPP Cost 3999 USD + 15000 USD in printing, shipping and warehouse costs for 1000 games. Sells for 69 USD, Net gain: 48000 USD. Break even 300 games sold. If you sell at an average 75 % of MSRP (due to backer/pre-order/retailer discounts) the break even is 400 games sold.

*Important Notice: ION Game Design reserves the right to deny any game design deemed inappropriate. Please don’t be weird!