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Bios: Megafauna 2nd edition

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How to play

How to play?

Starting as a phylum of either a plant1, mollusk, insect, or vertebral skeletal type, from one to four players make a beachhead on one of the four drifting cratons in the Ordovician. From a founding archetype species, you will sire squawking, flapping, and paddling species, represented by different shaped figures. Shapes are important because, for instance, a flying shape can only be preyed upon by another flying shape. Disperse these creeples across the weedy, forested, swamp, and sea biomes of your craton, or even to raft to new cratons. Each shape is a species, and each species has its own tableau. Mutation cards and organ cubes in this tableau enable the creeples of that shape to win in contests with other herbivores or carnivores



  • Cards
  • Craton punchboards
  • Craton placards
  • Wooden creeples
  • Wooden cubes
  • Disks
  • Dice 

Start as a plant or animal making first landfall half a billion years ago, then evolve it on drifting continents in the face of competition and huge ecological events: Win if become the dominant herbivore or carnivore.

Game designer: Phil Eklund, Andrew Doull, Jon Manker

Artist: Karim Chakroun, Johanna Pettersson

Complexity: 4.50